Sunday, 4 November 2012

Privatizing FEMA? Seriously?

I am amazed at the fact that is no one is raising the issue after Hurricane Sandy, that one of the presidential candidates holds the strong opinion of wanting to stop the funding to FEMA and give it to the states, or even more drastically if possible privatize an emergency response group so that the people in charge of it will have more incentive to do a good job so they can make money off the disaster? Number one, if FEMA funding is cut off and it is up to the states, how is New York,  Louisiana, and Florida going to deal with hurricanes, or California, Colorado, and other states supposed to deal with earthquakes/fires while a good chunk of their state is destroyed, inaccessible, on fire, under water, or without power. Number two, this ridiculous ideology that anything that comes out of Washington DC is an unnecessary tax or wasteful spending, or that states can do EVERYTHING better than the federal government who only gets in the way, is literally going to get more people killed than would normally happen during a natural disaster. And three, honestly, privatizing FEMA so people will have incentive to benefit from natural disasters, is such a ludicrous philosophy it could only come from a businessman who knows too well about profiting off of the losses of other people. Mitt Romney used to only want to benefit from the figurative, but now the literal, crumbling of a company, and if for some odd reason you’re upset that your tax money is supporting FEMA and the east coast right now, don’t forget about the two terrible California fires that happened in our lifetime alone, and the supposed horrible earthquake that California is overdue to receive, and that you’ll be wondering how much and where help is coming from. When did helping people out who needed it become an un-American idea? 

That question should lead me into my next post on Obamacare: Fascism? Socialism? Communism? Which should lead me into the next one after that quite nicely: What ultimately happens when you call anyone you disagree with Hitler?

Hypocrisy 101: Religion & It's Place in Voting

Ya know, a lot of people on both sides of the political spectrum constantly preach so much about how collectively great of a country america is and how loyal they are to everything it stands for, and yet too many of them completely break with that ideology when it comes to voting for public office or as in california, for our own laws. For example, they’ll vote for a law or for someone who openly opposes gay marriage on the grounds of “the bible defines marriage to be between a man and a woman” or “homosexuality is an abomination as stated in the bible” breaking from the great american idea, one of the main reasons colonists left england to form this country, was from religious persecution, and is now the fact that we have a separation of church and state, and that the founding fathers didn’t give a damn what your particular religion says. As much as some of you may want it to be, Christianity is not our national religion, and i know you will be surprised by this, but the United States doesn’t even have one either, so stop shoving it in other people’s faces. The 14th amendment has this little thing called the equal protection clause, guaranteeing all citizens as you might have guessed, equal protection or equal rights under the law, stating “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.” it also continues to explain that there is now no such thing as separate but equal, meaning in the case of civil unions vs marriages, so throw that argument out the window. The United States isn’t England, we don’t say God save the queen, or God save the president, we say God bless America, and we hold the constitution, a set of laws, as our sovereign, not one persons ideals or national religion above all else. So when you won’t shut up about how amazing America is, and then vote against its main principle, you must understand why I, and countless other American's who pay attention to domestic politics, social issues, and foreign policy standings other than 3 months before an election every four years, want to roundhouse kick you in the face and hope you never open your mouth again until you fix your completely misguided and selfish ideology. Open a book or go to school for a change and maybe you'll realize that there's a massive culture gap between you and your parents, and that most of what their telling you that you hold as ultimate truth, is mainly outdated and bordering bigotry.

And if you really want to still throw out the argument that it threatens "traditional" marriage here's a little video to get you started on where that conversation will end up.